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[ Biomes ]

Mauren is a land divided into two layers, above the surface and below the surface. Above the surface the land is rocky, frozen, and jagged. Windswept Tundra with rolling waves of ice suspended in time line the coastal areas of Mauren. Moving in land there are scattered forest of coniferous trees that extend upward for miles. These patches of trees are few and far between and are only ever located around the coast or a rare hot spring. In between the sparse forests and mountains are endless crag covered lands and permafrost that extends multiple feet below the surface. Further in are the various mountain ranges that cover most of the surface of Mauren. The main mountain range, Aasmiri, runs along the Thanedar portion of Mauren. Here is where the mountain, Vierla resides, as well as the subterranean townships of the Tyrgo people. The surface is also sparsely populated with a small variety of plants. The most notable is the Arvalia plant, a deep rooted plant that is constantly in danger because of the Feore’s vehement hate for it. The surface also contains a variety of beasts and creatures on would expect to be native to an arctic climate.

Underneath the surface lie great structures of iron and stone. These structures help comprise the small townships outside the main capital city. There are a total of six townships outside the capital of Misto Tyshi, and each city sends their wisest member to sit on the Council of Sages within the capital. Each township is connected to its neighbors by a series of tunnels, and has a single tunnel that runs into the capital. Most townships only contain a small library and a barracks. It is in these townships that the lower and middle class of the Tyrgo people live. The upper class avoiding such places as it is they are the only point of entry into Tyrgo territory.

Misto Tyshi is the central city of all Mauren. It lies in the center of the other six cities, and interconnects with all of them. It is here the Citadel of Whispers is held that houses the Council of Sages, and the Grand Scholar. The capital is the greatest place of enlightenment within all the underground. It contains multiple libraries dedicated to each school of knowledge. It is also here that all Tyrgo come to learn and study within the walls of the Spire of Enlightenment, a tall structure that runs from the bottom of the city up to where it almost is at the top of the mountain, Vierla.

[ Resources ]

Mauren is rich and full of mineral and ore beneath its surface. Most iron deposits have been marked and guarded by the Tyrgo as it is used for almost everything for them. From the building of equipment, to the construction of buildings, even outfighting their soldier with steel, iron plays an important role in Mauren. It is almost as important as the discovery of Lumenstone. These incandescent rocks shine for centuries after being cut and polished. Most places in Mauren are illuminated with this rock given how scarce lumber and wood tends to be. Lumenstone can also be used to power most of the machine like creations of the Tyrgo people. Most machines can be powered for a month on a single stone before it has to be replaced. If iron is the structure of the cities, Lumenstone is the heart.

Other resources that lie on the surface are the Arvalia plant, and various mosses, molds, and thick rooted plants. Most vegetation is used for food, tea, or medicine, but the Arvalia is cultivated into a hemp like substance for clothing, paper, and rope.

[ Fauna ]

The fauna on the surface is somewhat varied given the region. Most regions are home to wolves, foxes, and sabercats that hunt the large hare like creatures that hop along the surface. These hares are one of two non-carnivorous creatures that roam the surface. The other is similar to a moose, but brawnier and fatter. These are the main prey for the Throlasha, and the Mevalomoth. The Throlasha are a large ursine creature with a broader base and elongated claws on its feet. It stands just taller than a normal polar bear, but weighs about thirty percent more given the density of its musculature. These creatures get in constant territory bouts with the Mevalomoth. The Mevalomoth have the appearance of a large tusked mammoth, but have long evolved passed the need to eat simple plants. This omnivorous beast prefer have only the Throlasha to contend with as who is the apex predator on the surface. Both creatures are aggressive by nature, and will not hesitate to attack anything they see as a threat or as a meal.

The waters surrounding Mauren also have their own notable fauna. The most notorious creature of note is the Morsky Volk, or sea wolf. It is similar to an orca in appearance, but it is larger and has gills instead of a blow hole. Its casual fin is also vertical, meaning it is more closer to related to sharks than whales. It generally dines on other small oceanic life, but they have been known to hunt in packs in order to capsize boats when hungry. Other creatures in the oceans surrounding it tend to be seals, various sharks species, and the occasional cephalopod

[ Environment ]

The environment is harsh almost all year round. The temperature is cold enough to freeze most who dare to venture out of it save the natives of the land or the Vaeloss Feore. Most of the year, the surface is windy with gusts strong enough to throw a grown man from his feet. There is also a lack of water on the surface as most sources are frozen until the Thaw. The Thaw lasts only a few weeks, and it is during this time that most Tyrgo venture to the surface to gather supplies before disappearing underground for the remainder of the year.

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