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[ The Spirits ]

It should be noted that there are no actual Gods in Zhurin.  Any magics based by a God will not work within Zhurin. In their stead are spirits that rule over their elements.  The spirits are wild, strong and viscous.  They are also unable to be controlled in any way. Any magic that has to do with the elements or spirits will be enhanced and made to be stronger within the Zhurin lands save for on Xansai.

Prime Spirit: Mahkah


Secondary Spirits: Jrin, Odanodan, Barth, Adhamh, Xeyo, Botina, Kinus, Netica, Nophtys, Lorna, Amadahy, Dalis, Laec, Mosheh


Tertiary Spirits: Nus, Tuulikki, Erata, Nyarad, Peryah

The Spirits in relation to the Feore

Every Feore has to pass a rite of passage when they come of age and there is no room for failure; doing so results in death.  The rite is different with each adolescent Feore but the result is the same: the choosing of one of the seven elements (fire, air, earth, growth, darkness, ice and water) to bind themselves to. The ritual also consists of the young Feore taking on a chosen weapon that they will rarely deviate from.  Even those that are unable to call upon the magical or psionic energies benefit from this binding as it bestows a resistance to the element.  However those with a magical or psionic bent can only call upon the element they’re bound to and quite frequently their elemental bond dictates their role in Feore society.


The ritual itself is different for every Feore, with some having to go out, slay some mighty beast (or in many cases, destroy a particularly dangerous carnivorous plant) while others have to find something of worth to bring back.  While failure isn’t an option, what dictates failure is rather open ended.  A Feore that needs to slay a blood-thirsty Urshrak will be viewed as a ritual sacrifice, as Urshraks aren’t things that a new hunter can bring down without incredible amounts of guile, strength and will.  But attempting to kill an Urshrak, failing to do so but surviving the encounter to tell about it?  That’s not failure.   At the conclusion of the ritual, an elemental spirit that is the most attuned to the Feore presents itself and offers to bind a portion of its power with the Feore.  A Feore that denies the Spirit, for whatever reason, is struck down by the Spirit and killed immediately; which might be why there aren’t any Feore that haven’t bound themselves to one of the elemental spirits.


Fire - Firdaast (Fur-dast)

Spirits associated with fire: Nus, Tuulikki, Erata, Nyarad, Peryah, Mahkah


Water - Oeilus (We-lus)

Spirits associated with water: Lorna, Amadahy, Dalis, Laec, Mosheh, Makhah


Air - Ereso (Eerie-so)

Spirits associated with air: Xeyo, Botina, Kinus, Netica, Nophtys, Mahkah


Earth - Oeleh (Weh-lay)

Spirits associated with earth: Jrin, Odanodan, Barth, Adhamh, Makhah


Growth - Elifah (Ely-fa)

Spirits associated with growth: Jrin, Odanodan, Barth, Adhamh, Makhah


Shadow - Mersiro (Mercy-ro)

Spirits associated with shadow: Xeyo, Botina, Kinus, Netica, Nophtys, Mahkah


Ice - Vaeloss (Vae-loss)

Spirits associated with ice: Lorna, Amadahy, Dalis, Laec, Mosheh, Mahkah

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