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[ Government ]

The Tyrgo people are ruled by the Council of Sages and the Grand Scholar. As Tyrgo people view intellectual gain, enlightenment, and knowledge as more important than heritage, and influence, the wisest of each township is elected to the council as a representative. Very rarely is there an election on such matter as most townships know who the wisest among them is. This is usually always the oldest member of the township, and has never before been contested.

The Grand Scholar is not an elected official, but a position that is taken from the previous Grand Scholar. To be the Grand Scholar, you must kill the previous Grand Scholar, for anyone who cannot sense their enemies is not fit to hold the position. The voting power of the grand scholar is equal to one third of the whole council’s. Because of this most decisions go as the Grand Scholar sees them as it takes five members to vote against the Grand Scholar to out vote him. These instances of the Grand Scholar getting outvoted usually indicate a change in leadership is just around the corner.

[ Townships of Misto Tyshi ]

Vilho – The northern most township that actually serves as an underground sea port. The ships docked there are barely large enough for their purpose of whaling and fishing. The whalers and fisherman never sail outside the northern reaches of the sea surrounding Mauren as to avoid encountering vessels from other races.

Filvolsh – The industrial center of the Tyrgo people, it is the westernmost township of Misto Tyshi. here is where the Tyrgo develop and create their various machines and mechanisms that help with everyday life. It is also here that Lumenstone is cut after it is cultivated.

Tyr – The easternmost Township of Misto Tyshi is where the hunters reside. It is here where leather is tanned, and the creatures from the surface are butchered and cleaned. It is the closest to the land bridge that connects the two portions of Mauren.

Granta – The militant center of Mysto Tyshi, this southernmost township is home to the vast majority of the Tyrgo’s military might. It is stationed here as most invaders would be forced to come from the south.

Xyvahn – The mining townships for the capital, it is here that all metallic ore is housed and cultivated. It lies between Filvolsh and Granta and supplies all Lumenstone, steel, and various other minerals and stones for the Tyrgo.

Sluo – Is the main housing township and the largest township for Misto Tyshi. It actually runs between Vilho and Granta on with Tyr bordering to its east. Here is where most individuals live who do not need to be specifically in one of the other townships.

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